It’s Sunday morning. The men who followed Jesus were in hiding. They had been following Jesus for three years. They were involved in exciting and dramatic events as Jesus taught them and trained them. After watching his crucifixion, there were confused and afraid. The women, however, were on their way to the tomb to honor Jesus. When the women arrived, the stone had been rolled away. An angel was there and said “He has risen just like He said.” Jesus had told his friends everything that would happen. They somehow, did not hear or understand.

Charles Dickens wrote an account of Jesus’ life based on scripture. Dickens points out the religious leaders remembered Jesus’ words when he said he would rise to new life in three days. Therefore guards were placed at the tomb to prevent anyone from stealing His body to spread rumors that Jesus had risen.

Isaiah said when we are stained from sin we allow those stains to haunt us. Jesus died to wash away those sins. Jesus said even though you are stained as crimson, “I will wash you as white as snow.”

The angel told the women, “go quickly and tell the disciples that Jesus has risen and he will meet them in Galilee ‘Just as He said’.” Jesus met the women on the way. The women fell before Jesus and worshiped him. Like the women, we should come to church each week with the primary purpose of worshipping Jesus.