Have you been telling yourself lately that you really need to lose some of that weight, get your body in better shape, feel closer to God? Are you ready to start a journey with fellow Willowbrookers to a healthier life?
We will begin that journey in January through The Daniel Plan. This is a program that has helped thousands of people toward a healthy body, mind and spirit through the five essentials of The Daniel Plan – FAITH, FOOD, FITNESS, FOCUS and FRIENDS. With the help of videos by professionals in each of those areas, small group discussions, and weekly exercise and diet tips, we will experience a new way of losing weight, getting in better shape, finding new friends, and growing closer to God.

Of course it will take individual work, but you will also be part of a group – supporting and encouraging each other toward our goals. And most important is the faith component. Experience how God will energize your efforts, giving you strength to work toward your goal of a healthier lifestyle.

We will meet on Tuesdays at 2:30 for 6 weeks beginning January 7, 2020 (taking a week off for the Rummage Sale, of course.) The Study Guide is $9 and available when you sign up at CoffeeTime on Sundays or in the office. Optional, but helpful, are The Daniel Plan Journal ($10) and The Daniel Plan – 40 Days to a Healthier Life ($15.) Both are available at DanielPlan.com or most places that sell books.

Questions? Email Barb Christie at bbchristie2@gmail.com or better yet look on the website www.DanielPlan.com