Sermons from November 2014

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It seems the most intense moments of thankfulness are not found in times of plenty, but when we are faced with overwhelming challenges and difficulties abound. When we can learn to give thanks to God every day, in every circumstance, we understand the meaning of thanks-living.

Mobilizing the People


If there was anyone successful in fulfilling a goal directed by the Lord it was Joshua. He was a good listener and believer in what God wanted him to accomplish.  The Lord reminds Joshua that careful attention to His Word brings blessing and success.  Three major items Joshua employs for success is: (1) Be Strong […]

The Wedding Procrastinators


Our scripture is emphasizing the importance of being ready. It’s placed in the midst of a series of teachings and observations in the Gospel of Matthew about end times. At this point, Jesus knows he’s finishing his earthly life, and he’s looking ahead towards his trial and crucifixion. He’s going to die, be resurrected, and […]