Sermons from April 2015

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Will Everyone be in Heaven?


Jesus says that only those who choose the narrow gate will enter heaven while those who enter through the wide gate will find that, though the path is easy, it ultimately leads to destruction.

Honey, They Shrunk Our God!


J.B. Phillips in his book, “Your God is Too Small” talks about how we tend to put God into little boxes so we can bring him down to our size and make him manageable. But the result is our God becomes too small to handle our big problems. Paul offers some answers in Ephesians 1:15-20.

God’s Amazing Grace


We hear a lot about grace but many people really don’t understand it, for if they did, they would be living their lives differently. Rev. Steve shares five characteristics of grace using the acrostic: G R A C E.

Is Heaven Real?


Is heaven real? is there really a life after this one? Listen as Rev. Gary shares what the Bible tells us about heaven ans eternal life.

Becoming Witnessses


Meditating on Acts 4:32-35, Rev. Kimbel encourages believers to witness to their faith as the apostles did — and changed the world.