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“Good News” for October

by Steve Marshall

Here is the October edition of our monthly Good News church newsletter.  Betty Shepherd does a great job each month in putting our newsletter together for publication. Click here: Good News 9-2016

Mosaic – Worship in Drama and Art

by Steve Marshall

Our God is a God of second chances! That’s the good news that we will explore during our next Mosaic worship experience on Sunday, August 14th, at 11:00 am. In a humorous skit God speaks to Jeremiah (played by Jon Ierley) and tells him to go down to the Pottery Barn and see what the […]

Celebrating the Creative Arts

by Steve Marshall

Our God is a creative God and we celebrate the creative arts here at Willowbrook. Whether you’re an artist or just appreciate the artistic efforts of others, we know you’ll enjoy Willowbrook! Mosaic Worship is an informal 45-minute service that features upbeat praise music, dramatic readings and humorous skits, and sermons in art and music. […]