Adult Chancel Choir

The choir is a group that enjoys performing sacred music, both modern and classical. The music ministry provides the church, the congregation, the participants in the music department and the community with quality sacred music which embraces and supports the worship experience. It is also a social opportunity to quickly learn to know well a small group of people. There are ample social experiences offered on a weekly basis. Even though there are some 90 people presently involved with choral music, there is always room for more to experience our love and support. The choir rehearses Thursday evenings at 7:00 p.m.

Adult Brass Ensembles

This group is a special group selected out of the choir to accompany some anthems and special music. Each small ensemble varies by what is called for in the music. Individuals selected have had previous instrumental training and can play the music with little rehearsal. If you have instrumental experience and still own an instrument, please consider the choir program as a way to use your skills. All instrumental musicians are needed and encouraged to be with us. This group rehearses when called.

Adult Choral Ensembles

These groups are selected to perform music especially written for smaller ensembles. Both men and women are encouraged to make their talents known to the music staff. Knowledge of reading music is imperative. These groups rehearse when needed.

Adult Hand Bells

This choir performs once each month and requires Tuesday afternoon rehearsals. New members should have previous bell choir experience, or can read music well. Using a limited number of players, substitutes are always encouraged to make their availability known. This group rehearses on Tuesday afternoons at 3 pm.