All Church’s need great leaders and Willowbrook has assembled some of the best. We’ve managed to draw talent from all walks of life and they’ve helped Willowbrook become the Church it is today.

Here are your Church committees and leaders, you can click your choice to expand the results-

Church Council
Barbara Christie, Chairperson

Establishes objectives, adopt goals, authorizes action, determines policy, receive reports, evaluates the Church’s ministries and reviews the mission of the Church

Staff-Parish Relations

Bill Merle, Chairperson

Responsible for providing needed ministerial & staff personal and recommends financial benefits for those persons, promotes positive working relationships between staff and congregation.

Board of Trustees

Dick Preisendorf, Chairperson

Maintains the Church properties, makes acquisition of new physical assets and makes revisions to old assets. Officers are elected by the Trustees

Audio, Video and LIghting

, Chairperson

Coordinates and operates the sound system and lighting in the sanctuary. Also the sound and video system in Wilson Fellowship Hall and the Chapel

Finance and Stewardship

John Calhoun, Chairperson

Responsible for financial budgets, pledging and all monetary collections as well as expenditures of all approved financial obligations.

Offering Recorders

Roberta Kemper & Cheryl Reed, Chairpersons

Responsible for counting the weeks offering and making the bank deposit

Memorial Funds

, Chairperson

Acknowledges funds received as memorials and maintains a list of possible gifts.

Lay Leadership

Rev. Gary Kennedy, Chairperson

Places persons in Church-related work areas of their choice.

Andrew ministry

Rolland King, Chairperson

Church Historian

Donna Anderson, Chairperson

Good News and Mailing
Willowbrook Foundation

Charles Musgrave, Chairperson

Solicits, invests and manages accounts of funds from gifts & bequests given to Willowbrook Foundation. Also after consultation with the Finance & Stewardship committee, invest & manages the accounts fo the Church’s reserve funds.

Worship Committee

Deborah Pearson, Chairperson

Plans and coordinates sanctuary worship activities (includes music, communion stewards, acolytes, ushers, sound & lighting and sanctuary/chapel/narthex management.

Communion Services

Sherry Pilar, Chairperson

Prepares communion elements for all communion services.

Sanctuary/Chapel/Narthex Management

Fred Poole, Chairperson

Oversees worship services and all sanctuary, chapel and narthex management.

Evangelism & Membership

, Chairperson

Promotes Willowbrook UMC through appropriate marketing/advertising programs; hosts Sunday morning visitors table and provides a welcoming environment for first time visitors; follow-up with invitations to information meetings and Church Membership; provides opportunities for active participation in Church activities and ministries.

Performing Arts

Charles Musgrave, Chairpersons

Oversees the performing arts series.

Personal Assistance Program (PAP)

Saundra Core, Co-chairperson
Marilyn Gudith, Co-chairperson

The Personal Assistance Program (PAP) provides confidential assistance to Willowbrook members, their families and, in some cases the community, in need as a confidential, informational, and educational resource.  PAP focuses on related issues concerning three core areas of assistance: personal/medical; financial/mortgage; senior housing/real estate; and resources regarding State & Federal programs. The group meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 1:00 p.m. in the Church’s Conference Room.

Enhanced Hearing

Makes hearing aids available for use at all regular worship services.

Rummage Sale

, Chairperson

Oversees our annual furniture & rummage sales

Spiritual Enrichment

Judith Kliewer, Chairperson

Provides spiritual growth opportunities through educational activities.


Carol Jenkins, Chairperson

Maintains an inventory of books, tapes (audio & visual) for use by Church members.

Outreach & Missions

Elizabeth Peck, Chairperson

Coordinates all mission efforts with individual members, liaison with many established mission groups.

Health & Welfare

Margie Barton, Chairperson

Providing resource materials and seminars on emerging health & welfare issues, ministering to special care needs in the Church and community, raising awareness of health issues of an aging population and sponsoring support groups relevant to the needs of our community.

GriefShare/New Beginnings

Diane Nelson, Chairperson

Support group for survivors.

Stephen Ministries

Laurie Lineberry, Chairperson

A Stephen Minister has a one-on-one commitment to a care receiver who has requested a caregiver. Stephen Ministers also visit with homebound persons and support special worship services, such as the Advent Service of Lights and Memorial Sunday Services.

Kitchen & Food Services

Barbara Christie, Chairperson

Responsible for the Church kitchen and equipment. Makes decisions concerning food handling.

Reception Coordinators

Wally Henry & Cheryl Reed, Chairpersons

Responsible for Memorial Receptions and other events as needed.

United Methodist Men

Richard Meyer, President

United Methodist Women

Cheryl Reed, President