Rev. Gary Kennedy shares a story from the book of Acts about Cornelius who was described by many as a good man. He prayed, he gave gifts to the poor. He was visited by an angel and told to call for Simon Peter, one of the disciples of Jesus, to come give him a message from God. At the same time, Peter was visited by an angel telling him about Cornelius and that even though Cornelius was a Gentile, he needed to go to him and share the message of God’s love and tell him about His Son, Jesus Christ. Both men obeyed God and many people became disciples of Jesus that day.

Being a good man was not enough for Cornelius. God wanted him to know the message of Jesus and to share it with his friends. The message for us today is the same. Being GOOD is not enough. We all need Jesus as our Savior and we need to share Him with others like Peter did. Everyone needs Jesus.

Do not be satisfied with just being GOOD. Take the message of Jesus and share it with your friends, your family, and others. Share Jesus!