In John 14:21 Jesus says, ” . . . if you love me, keep my commandments.” But he did not leave us to do it alone. He left the Holy Spirit to help us. We are reminded that there are moments when we get a “gut feeling” we should call or visit someone and when we follow through we discover the person is going through a crisis and welcomes the call or visit with gratitude. We then have the “AHA moment” realizing it was a prompting from the Holy Spirit.

The lessons of a good parent are also like lessons from God. Many of us do things because of lessons we received from our mothers or mother figures. “Drink your milk, wear a sweater, take your umbrella . . .” These lessons from Mom are because she loves us. God’s lessons are because he loves us. In Ephesians chapter six we are reminded to “get dressed” with the whole armor of God. Quoting from several historical leaders, Pastor Kennedy shares that a good mother is the often best teacher. Mothers and mother figures are important in our spiritual growth. If you have opportunity to be a mother figure to someone, take advantage of the opportunity and bless someone’s life.