The Greeks were searching for Jesus because they were always seeking something new; new philosophy, new religion, new approaches. They kept moving from one religion to another or one philosophy to another. Jesus seemingly ignores their request for an audience but instead begins another message to his followers and the crowds that were following him. Jesus wanted everyone to recognize and know there was only one way to redemption. Pastor Ruth Blum walks us through this perspective of Jesus while letting us know we are not only to “follow” Jesus, but we are to share his message to others. She shared a story about Jimmy Carter being brought to his knees when he was sharing with a men’s Bible study group about how he went about leading 140 people to Christ. He was humbled when he suddenly realized he had asked over 3,000 people to vote for him as governor. As followers of Jesus, we are to be busy about sharing his Word to our family, our friends, our co-workers, shopkeepers, clients, everyone we encounter. We have been empowered by Jesus to share his message.