Referring to Himself as The Son of Man which is the term used in Daniel chapter seven to describe the Messiah, Jesus asked, “Who Do You Say I Am?” Many writers and Philosophers have attempted to answer this question. A French writer said He was a sentimental idealist. An American businessman said He was the greatest salesman that ever lived. A Jewish writer said He was the clinical picture of paranoia. A German theologian said He was the man for others. A musical drama said He was a Superstar.

The Gospel writers tried many ways of saying who Jesus is: divine physician, king, prophet, bride of the world, the gate, the door, the vine, the high priest, the first born of creation, the bright and morning star, the Alpha and Omega.

Jesus wants to know “Who do YOU say I am?” Martin Luther asked, “Who is Jesus to YOU?” Jesus was pleased when Peter replied, “You are the Messiah!”

Who IS Jesus to YOU? Does your life reflect what you believe?